Tuesday May 17, 2011
Back in the 4”x5” game…my new Ikeda ANBA Field Camera

Isn’t it beautiful?!

I’ve really been wanting to get back into 4x5 for a few months now. I’ve gotten so used to shooting 35mm…and really have just been feeling the need to slow down a bit lately, and what better way to do that than with 4x5!

I got a great deal on this camera from craigslist, a local photographer was getting rid of all of his large format stuff and gave me a great price…less than what I would have probably paid for the lens alone. Nice!

Gotta say, this thing is simply gorgeous…Hokkaido Cherry wood, chrome/brass hardware, sheepskin and silk bellows…it’s incredibly light and folds up TINY. Also came with the incredible Rodenstock 150mm f/5.6.

Pretty much the only movement it doesn’t have is rear rise/fall.

What more could you ask for in a view camera? It’s a long way from the bulky rail-based versions I’m used to lugging around.

Here it is all folded up, with some classy beer for scale. And my first shot with it, taken on some stashed Type 55 Polaroid I had been saving (my beautiful girlfriend, Jenny).

Oh, and a couple links for some more info:



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